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Law Enforcement and Policing

The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) is a full service law enforcement agency serving Frederick County, Maryland. The agency is led by the Sheriff, who is elected to a four year term, and has the responsibility of management and operations of the adult detention center, and the responsibility for civil process service and security within the county courthouse. Chuck Jenkins has served in this capacity since December of 2006. 

The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, and law enforcement as a whole, do an amazing job keeping our community safe, and I will forever support them. Every man and woman that dons a uniform is committed to serving Frederick County efficiently and effectively with the highest level of integrity. Our police officers serve as a model across the state, region, and nationwide. I am an advocate for the 287(g) program, which allows correctional officers to determine the immigration status of suspects arrested by deputies and brought to the Detention Center for processing, and an enthusiastic supporter of Sheriff Chuck Jenkins. 

Prior to his election to the council in 2018, Michael Blue ensured District 5 that he would walk in lockstep with law enforcement and the Frederick County Sheriff’s office, pledging his support for Sheriff Chuck Jenkins. However, upon his election, Blue’s devotion to the police and public safety vanished.  In late 2019, County Executive Jan Gardner launched an audit of the FCSO’s 287(g) program to determine how much county money is spent on the project, however, as pointed out by Councilman Phil Dacey, this audit was nothing more than a political witch hunt. Flanking Gardner, Michael Blue joined Democrats M.C. Keegan-Ayer and Jessica Fitzwater in a joint statement supporting the audit. Blue’s support directly put 287(g) in harm’s way, and, ultimately, put Frederick County residents in danger as this program keeps our streets clear of violent criminals and our families safe. The Frederick County Council, including Blue, has consistently inserted themselves into the business of the FCSO. 

While supporting the 287(g) program is important and absolutely necessary, it is equally important to understand that it only makes up a small portion of what the FCSO does on a daily basis. My plan for policing and the FCSO when elected is simple: leave them alone. Let the police be the police and let the Sheriff be the Sheriff. The Frederick County Council should not stick their nose into the business of law enforcement outside of approving their always-reasonable budget requests. While serving on the Council, I vow to vote against ANY and EVERY legislation that is anti-police, whether that be cutting law enforcement funding, stripping power from the Sheriff, or implementing a County Police force. 

Now more than ever, as our beloved County grows, we must equip our police officers with the tools to effectively serve our community. We will NEVER handcuff the police, we will NEVER abandon the police, and we will NEVER defund the police.

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Mason Carter

Mason Carter was born and raised in Walkersville, living in Frederick County his whole life. He grew up playing multiple sports through Glade Valley Athletic Association and Frederick County Parks and Recreation. Mason became politically inspired and motivated in 2015 by President Donald Trump, and then again in 2018 by Frederick County Councilman Kirby Delauter.

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