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Campaign Principles

Property Tax- It’s simple: lower the property tax. Frederick County residents have been taxed far too greatly and it is time to provide them with some form of relief. I will fight to lower the property tax from $1.06 to $1.00. This six-cent decrease adds up; families across the board will save thousands of dollars.


Property investment and mortgage financial concept.

Budgeting– Since Jan Gardner’s election, and subsequent reelection, the budget has grown rapidly, and it is completely unsustainable and not transparent. Recently, the County Council approved Jan Gardner’s $717M budget for 2022, which is a $52M increase from 2022–this is unacceptable and puts an even heavier burden on the shoulders of our taxpayers. Though we are a growing county, our spending far outpaces our growth. Because our government has put their inability to spend taxpayer money on full display, I plan on proposing the adoption of zero-based budgeting, which will ensure that every dollar is accounted for and is justly spent.


Businessman Planning Budget

Education– Our Frederick County Board of Education (BoE) has neglected the wellbeing of our students for far too long. While adequate funding for our schools is fundamental, so is holding the BoE accountable for their spending. When it comes to funding public education, it is paramount that the money follows the student, not the union.  We must equip students with every tool to ensure their success while also preparing them for college or workforce entry. When elected to the Council, I will ensure that our children are not subjected to the radical teachings of Critical Race Theory.


Group of elementary children running outside school

Coronavirus– Over the past year and a half, our local elected officials have done nothing to stand for our liberty and rights. No councilmember stood up to County Executive Jan Gardner’s shutdowns, which would never have happened under my watch. Personal health is personal; you know your risk far better than the government does. Masking and/or vaxxing should be done on one’s own accord, not on the order of the government or an employer.


Senior woman getting vaccination

Gun rights– As explicitly expressed in our Constitution, our right to bear arms shall not be infringed upon by any person or legislative body. As a 2nd amendment advocate, I support constitutional carry and the National Rifle Association (NRA).


Police– Our police do an amazing job and I will forever stand alongside them. Not only do they work together to protect and serve, but they also wear many hats, taking the role of social worker, community organizer, counselor, mediator, and medical provider. Today, and every day, I extend my thanks to the Police officers serving across our County!


287(g)- I fully support the 287(g) program and condemn those who voted in favor of its audit in early 2020. Allowing our deputies to inquire about immigration status of those detained at our detention centers keeps criminals off the street and our families safe.  I will gladly work with the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office to ensure its continuation.


Government- Frederick County government, along with many local governments, have grown ineffective because they refuse to act in the interest of the people. When people come to a government body with a concern, it is their obligation to alleviate it. I call on every elected official that does not take constituent service seriously to resign immediately. I believe that, when the government inserts itself into the free market, it typically does more harm than good.  In the long run, the government works best when it stays off our backs and out of our pockets.


Economy– While I wish to keep Frederick County from growing too rapidly, to preserve its rich history, I understand the importance of bringing new businesses in a variety of fields to the area. The process of creating new jobs begins by refining our Commercial and Industrial Tax Credit, which gives the County Executive far too much power to determine the extent of the tax break.


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I am working hard to Save Frederick County, for you and your family, but I cannot do it without your help.


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Every dollar given to the campaign goes directly to grassroots efforts, whether that be in the form of door hangers, palm cards, or signs, which ultimately increase our presence throughout District 5.

Mason is a young man but is brilliant beyond his years. What he will bring to District 5 in the county is what we need. He is a true Republican who proudly stands by his conservative values and beliefs. I am proud to endorse him for our county councilman in district 5.

Heath Barnes Burgess of Woodsboro

I came to know Mason about a year ago when our organization started reaching out to the youth in our community to foster and ‘groom’ our leaders of tomorrow. Mason was a standout from the very beginning with his grasp of how the county government was meant to function. Speak to him for just five minutes and his Conservative values of Faith, Family & Freedom as our Founders had intended will shine like a beacon. When elected, Mason will truly represent the people of Frederick County not the special interest or the County Executive’s agenda.

Fred Propheter President, Frederick County Conservative Club

The first time I spoke with Mason, I was instantly impressed. He’s poised, articulate and intelligent. He has a plan to help all residents of Frederick County and has the will and tenacity to see it through. Don’t let his age fool you, he’s wise beyond his years, you only need to speak with him a few minutes and you’ll realize it for yourself. So, if you get the chance to speak with him you’ll understand immediately he’s the real deal, and worth your support.

Jonah Seth Eisenberg Treasurer of FCCC, , former BOE candidate

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